Emergent Game-changers

They've turned their backs on conventional wisdom.
They've abandoned the old blue-prints in favour of pioneering methodologies, technologies and insight. They are the dinosaur-busters, the market leaders of tomorrow. Welcome to the world of the emergent game changers!

In a small way, we dipped our own toes in the water three decades ago, by developing an award-winning wave-power device, in an era awash with cheap fossil fuels. We also played a part in pushing the boundaries of science by researching the impact of radiation on plant genetics, again formally recognised by the commercial and scientific communities.

Today our focus is on supporting innovative companies shaping the future. From medical bio-polymers, labelling and sensors, to anti-infectives, molecular devices, computer science and cleantech, we have developed investor-focused communications initiatives across enterprises such as Amoebics, Burdica, Ecometrica, Herboreal, Lux Biotechnology, Lab901, Optos, Touch Bionics and Wavegen. We also work closely with VCs, angels and private equity investors.